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Welcome! Our library is a comprehensive resource for anyone who needs computers to achieve their goals. We provide information on standards, frameworks, solution providers, and helpful tips and tutorials. Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need to succeed.
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If you're working in a research lab or on a small non-profit team (or looking to start one), check out our Digital Standards, Agile Management, or Digital Service Management guides. You'll have a basic understanding of modern digital practices and can use them to understand what your teams need to excel in the Information Age.

If you're running a small internal service team (sales, marketing, HR, logistics/ops, etc.) and are trying to choose a solution for your team, read Choosing the Right Solution Provider. It'll help you understand what to look for and how to evaluate potential solutions. If you're looking to increase your organization's agency and work performance, we've got an article on Employee Enablement.

If you're an admin at a private K-12 or college and have strong IT support for the entire organization, check out our content on the solution providers you already work with. You'll find tons of information about maximizing the potential of your existing tools. Otherwise, you might benefit from our article on the Student Lifecycle.

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